I’ve just finished watching all four season of Battlestar Galactiica (2004 - 2009) courtesy of Netflix. When I first heard of the show years ago, I dismissed it because of the more popular television shows at the time, mainly Lost and Heroes (both of which are on my list of favourite stories ever.)

It’s only being bed-ridden and finished watching that Monday’s episode of Breaking Bad with nothing to do that I decided to take on Netflix’s suggestion and watch the show.

The first two episodes, which serve as the mini-series that kicked it all off were slow, hard to ingest and took a lot of time (3 hours) to really get into, but once it did, I was hooked.

I honestly had no idea whatsoever the premise of any of this was. Never read an article, review, watched a trailer or even read the synopsis. I came in with fresh eyes and I’m quite glad I did.

Normally I read the entire Wiki pages that support a show whilst I’m watching it, but this time I ignored all that just enjoyed episodes back to back of some of the most heart-wrenching, suspenseful drama I’ve ever witnessed.

Most people, when I told them I was watching the show, thought it was just another sci-fi adventure in space story, but that’s only the conduit. It’s a story of naval war, survival on the fringe of the known worlds, religion, politics, personal relationships, love, racism, duty and honour.

I would recommend anyone to watch the show and battle it through the first, very long and very confusing episode to be told a story that can open your mind to a whole new idea of the world we live in.