Setting up the COOLPIX S800c

SSID Scanner

I am kind of new to Python and trying to learn how to write an SSID Scanner that will do the following:

  1. Ask user for length of time to scan
  2. Enable Monitor Mode through Airmon-NG using a wlan
  3. Check to see if Mon0 is infact enabled, then goes to the next step
  4. After checking for Mon0, start Airmon-NG using Mon0 and scan for 5 minutes
  5. Have the program see that once the 5 minute mark is hit, print out "SSID Scan Complete"
  6. Close program

I'd like to eventually grab the scan output after 5 minutes and dump it into a text file for later viewing, but I'm not there yet, so excuse the Python ignorance as I continue to learn. All I have so far is after research, but I feel stuck and some parts I know are wrong and I cant figure them out, such as:

  1. actually verifing Mon0 is on before starting airodump-NG
  2. Waiting for the inputted time length before finishing

Here is what I have so far:

#!/usr/bin/env python import os import subprocess from datetime import datetime #Clear the screen"clear") #Ask for the length of time in Minutes to scan for SSIDs scan_ssid = raw_input("How many minutes would you like to scan for: ") scan_length = scan_ssid #Print banner print "Scanning for SSIDs for " + scan_ssid " minutes." #Start and verify airmon-ng in monitor mode print "Placing wlan iface in Monitor Mode" os.system("airmon-ng start wlan2") monitor = mon0 if monitor == True: print "Monitor Mode: Enabled" #Start airodump-ng with monitor enabled print "Starting SSID scan with Monitor Mode" os.system("airodump-ng mon0") #Scan for the user requested timefame scan_length = time.time while True: scan_length = 0 if scan_length == 5 or time.time > scan_length: break scan_length = scan_length - 1 print "SSID Scan Complete!" sys.exit(0)

roamingsoft WiFi Connection Manager
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