InSSIDer for Mac

InSSIDer 1.3 for Mac has reached it's end-of-life. inSSIDer 4 adds a host of new features.

802.11ac Support

See proper 40, 80, and 160 MHz channel numbering, 80 MHz channels, and 802.11ac data rates.

Interference Coloring Rules

Special colors highlight other networks that are interfering with your wireless network. Co-channel interferers are colored yellow, and adjacent-channel networks are colored red.

Powerful Filtering

inSSIDer 4 makes it easy to filter by SSID, MAC address, channel, and signal strength.

ESSID and Radio Grouping

Keep track of networks more easily by grouping together virtual SSID's on the same access point with Radio grouping, or all same-SSID networks with ESSID grouping.

Channel Recommendations

Quickly see the best channel for your network with the Recommended Channel.

OS X Yosemite (10.10) Compatibility

Fully compatible with the latest version of OS X.

Streamlined Signal Strength

The signal strength over time graph has been reimagined to make it easier to use. It now shows the selected network, the loudest adjacent-channel network, and the loudest co-channel network.

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MetaGeek inSSIDer
Mobile Application (MetaGeek)
  • Table and graphic views of surrounding WLANs
  • Detailed statistics and channel recommendations
  • Network grouping by ESSID or Radio
  • Filtering by SSID, MAC Address, Channel, or Signal
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