Watercooler-002_SSIDWhenever I’m at a restaurant, airport or anywhere in town, I invariably look for free Wi-Fi access. Often, the SSID names used are standard fare. However, I occasionally come across some really witty and hilarious SSIDs. This article features some of the top SSIDs that my colleagues and I have come across on our travels. Take a look – if you have any other interesting examples, please leave a comment!

1. Hidden network

The first on the list earns its place out of pure cleverness. I had to take a network trace to confirm that its SSID really was “Hidden network” because to Windows users, it looks exactly like a network that is not beaconing the SSID.

2. No Internet access

Here’s an SSID that is likely to discourage freeloaders. What’s the point of grabbing someone’s Wi-Fi if there is no Internet access.

3. Bongo hotspot

Take a close look at the spelling there, and then consider I saw this in an airport. Either someone was having fun messing with other people, or that’s a typo bound to cause some headaches.

4. I read your email

I have this phrase on a bumper sticker, and I am willing to bet this is a pretty effective discouragement to people casually trying to leach bandwidth.

5. Stop using our Internet

I guess this probably came about in an apartment complex or dorm full of poor college students looking to save a buck.


Of course, when a more polite lowercase request doesn’t turn the trick, all caps shouting will.

7. La Quinta guests, not Marriott

The two hotels might have shared a parking lot, but apparently not an Internet circuit. I found this one on a recent trip to Texas.

8. The NSA monitors this network

More funny than ironic considering I saw this one long before anyone had ever heard of Edward Snowden.

9. IP_Freely

This one is pretty popular, listed on dozens of webpages but also one I have seen myself in at least two different states.

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