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WiFi SSID Wars


Can you pass on some sources of reference about it to me?

But just google security risk hidden ssid.

The fact is transmission of packets uses ssid.. even if the beacon is turned off.

hidden SSID had effectively blocked Google from collecting WiFi information.

Hiding SSID will mean war drivers are less likely to pick you up, unless you have active transmissions going. But the war drivers keep going as the sniffer tools also show you have security set.. why stop when people one block further on have wireless wide open. It is the people nearby who are going to have the time to crack your WPA or WPA2 security.. and hidden SSID is not going to prevent them for 2 seconds.

Back to my problem. I checked that the WiFi is set to "Up to 270Mbps" on the NetGear DGN2000. Another mode is "Up to 130 Mbps". The help file explains that:

Try setting the wireless to 130mbps.. !! It doesn't use standard terminology which is a bad sign.. I really want you to use G only.

If there is no G only in your router to test.. and it simply doesn't work with hidden ssid and you consider it highly important that the ssid is hidden.. then buy a G wireless router.. can get something suitable for $10 off ebay.. any G wireless router adsl or otherwise should work.. Set it to G only in wan bypass and use a different channel to the netgear which should be set for N only but 270mbps if there is no other settings.

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